Our Design Process

Our Design Process

People. Products. Productivity.™

The foundation of our design considerations

Yale has always designed its products with two key goals in mind: create the most comfortable, effective working environment for the operator and create features and performance that will enable customers to increase throughput and productivity. Our success is the result of a very strong design process, sensitivity to operators, and key features that make operators – and their company's businesses – more efficient.


Customers play a key role in determining the design and development of new materials handling equipment and features

  • Yale conducts in-depth research to understand customers' needs in specific materials handling applications and industries.
  • When concepts for lift truck features are developed, these are evaluated with customers for important user-based feedback.
  • New features and materials handling equipment, when in the early pilot phases, are rigorously tested with customers who report back on performance and operational characteristics so we can make enhancements based on the feedback we receive prior to full-scale roll-out.

Yale has a number of ways to assure we optimise ergonomics

  • Yale personnel spend countless hours interviewing and observing lift truck operators to better understand how to improve efficiency and reduce the impact of repetitive motion.
  • On-board computers capture important data on lift truck operations to gain an insight on how moving and lifting operations can be continually improved.
  • Ergonomic specialists within Yale Engineering, work with outside experts to take into account the specific operator movements required to carry out lift truck operations and integrate them into functional product designs.

The results are key features designed to improve efficiency and productivity

  • Adjustable operator compartment and controls
    • Positions all the controls in close proximity to the operator.
  • Swing-out LPG tank bracket
    • Drop-down design brings the LPG tank out from the protected center of the truck and down to the operator's natural handling position making it easier to change.
  • Operator access
    • Reduced step height when entering the operator compartment. Steps have a high grip surface and are self-cleaning to avoid foot slippage.
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